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Radio Comedy 'Bob Jones' Celebrates NHS@70

Specially commissioned sitcom for Radio Wales' NHS@70 season starring Steve Speirs and Robert Pugh. Bob Jones, a working-class baby-boomer; Steve Evans, the self-proclaimed "biggest name in the South Wales carpet scene"; and Sam Jones, a recently-graduated millennial, are killing time on a hospital ward in South Wales. Written by Chris Corcoran. Produced by Ed Morrish.


Robert Pugh as Bob, Steve Speirs as Steve, Gareth Pierce as Sam, Di Botcher as Betty, Nicola Reynolds as Kelly, Talitha Wing as Zoe and Karen Paullada as Julie.

Click here to listen on the BBC iPlayer.

The Chris Corcoran Show On A Saturday Evening

A couple of nice bits...


'Mike Wozniak Quiz with Mike Wozniak' - 00:13

'Showbiz Story Roulette with Di Botcher' - 02:03

'Funny School Stories with Elis James' - 05:23

'Compassionate Politics with Carwyn Jones' - 13:19

'Blur, Trainers and Football Pitch Invasions - 17:56

'Crouch, Touch, Quiz! - OB RWC 2015 - 08:04

'Sarah Millican and Motorway Services' - 10:14

For more highlights from The Chris Corcoran Show, click here.

Korkey & Eggsy On A Saturday Morning

A couple of nice bits...

'Ask Eggsy' at 05:09

'Chuffed or Gutted' at 06:53

'The Terror of 1980's Public Information Films' at 14:07

'The Listeners Get Involved' at 16:37

'Nearly Convincing Celebrity Impression Shout Outs' at 22:23

'Spurious Science Headline of the Week' at 34:29

Korkey & Eggsy On A Saturday Morning - BBC Radio Wales - April 16, 2016
00:00 / 00:00

Come the Revolution - Best Of

Come the Revolution - Best of Season 1
A radio comedy where a guest tries to persuade the audience to follow them to death or glory ‘Come the Revolution!’

Host: Chris Corcoran
Creator: Chris Corcoran & Benjamin Partridge
Producer: Sali Collins, Avanti for BBC Radio Wales
Guests: Miles Jupp, Isy Suttie, Jarred Christmas, Josie Long, Marek Larwood, & Chris Needs

The Most I've Laughed On Air - The Rhod Gilbert Show

Click here for the Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits podcast.

Funniest Moment

Social Club FM

Social Club FM - Ep. 3 'Royalty'
00:00 / 00:00

A radio sitcom about a village radio station set in a Social Club in the Welsh valleys: Mr Chairman persuades Rex to park his beliefs and welcome a Royal visit "for the good of the club". Steve News stars as Social Club FM's Royal 'reporter/stalker'.


Cast: Elis James, Chris Corcoran, Nadia Kamil and Vern Griffiths

Written by: Elis James, Gareth Gwynn and Chris Corcoran

Produced by: Ben Walker for Zipline Creative  for BBC Radio Wales


Click here for more episodes of Social Club FM.

Those That Can't

Those That Can't - S. 4, Ep. 6 'Academy'
00:00 / 00:00

Sitcom set in a Comprehensive School - deep in the Welsh valleys: Tom Jones Comprehensive is to be turned into an Academy and Bryn and Glyn have to re-apply for their jobs. Despite this the show must go on for the school production of Les Mis - even if John Owen Jones hasn't turned up.


Cast: Chris Corcoran, Vern Griffiths, Jams Thomas, Matthew Gravelle, Sirol Jenkins, & pupils from Cardinal Newman Comprehensive School

Created: Greg Davies and Chris Corcoran

Written: Chris Corcoran and Gareth Gwynn

Produced: Ben Partridge for Zipline Creative  for BBC Radio Wales


Click here for more episodes of Those That Can't.

The Committee Meeting

The Committee Meeting

A TV comedy set in the Valleys of Wales


Cast: Chris Corcoran, Elis James, Vern Griffiths, Nadia Kamil and Mike Wozniak

Producer: Andy Brereton and Joe McVey, Tiger Aspect for BBCThree


[For full screen version, click through on 'Vimeo' link]

Chris Corcoran's Rugby World Cup Show

To say Tom Shanklin is a good sport is an understatement! 'It's Not Over Until Tom Shanklin Sings' comes in at the end of the show...


Presenter: Chris Corcoran

Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies for BBC Radio Wales

Guests: Gethin Jones & Scott Gibbs, Matt Johnson & Martyn Williams, Dr Rhys Jones & Shane Williams, Charlie Dale & Phil Bennett

Chris Corcoran's Rugby World Cup 2015 - Episode 5
00:00 / 00:00

Voiceover Work

Random Thoughts by Chris Corcoran

Publisher: Accent Press, 2009


Chris Corcoran opens his mind to share every thought he's ever had, in his own random order.

There are insights into his life as he takes readers back to his Eighties school disco days to reveal how the greatest moment of his teenage years was ruined by Queen's Radio Ga-Ga. He also shares the wisdom of his life experience from his time on CBeebies' Doodle Do with a lesson on the dangers of toilet roll.

And he answers many of life's great questions...Why isn't optimism enough to complete a marathon? Why does food taste better in a field? And, more importantly, what is the point of Petit Filous? These thoughts and more are all here, delivered in his unique, affectionate and charming way.


Still available here...

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